All my adult life I have been fascinated by why and how we change. It seems to be part of our ‘human adventure’: from the physical world’s principle of evolution, to the social changes that define our history and to the psychological transformations that pervade our individual lives and relationships.

This deep interest drove me to study sociology, change management and the underlying psychology at university (MA Soc and Change Mgmnt). Then moved into the corporate environment, using my analytical skills and knowledge to help companies to change their technology and organisations. I have also participated in a self-development and meditation group for well over a decade as change starts with oneself .

For the same reason, decided to apply my experience and knowledge on the individual level so I have trained as a humanistic integrative counsellor (MBACP). Since then I have been accompanying people on their journey of personal change, to find their voices and (re)claim their lives.

“There is one knowledge, the interior doorway

Beneath you the earth, above you the heavens

Within you the ladder”

(Based on poem ‘Facing Mirrors’ by S. Weores)

Areas of Work

Although I focus on working with individuals, as well as their issues, I am particularly experienced in certain areas of therapy. I have worked much with loss and bereavement and equally with trauma and all types of abuse (physical, mental, financial and sexual) as well as depression, PND, OCD, anger and anxiety. I have a deep understanding of multi and cross-cultural (ethnicity and religion etc.) issues, including the challenges that first and second generation immigrants face. I am also experienced working with clients’ self-awareness, identitymindfulness and individuation.

Matt Mullican: The Sequence of Things (Artwork)
Matt Mullican: The Sequence of Things (Artwork)