• Rivka (86) "Dalma came to me for approx. 14 months after my husband died. Her weekly visits to me were very important, she helped me to through some very-very hard times. She was easy to talk and as time went by she helped me to be able to go forward in my life."
  • Meera (24) "Dalma helped me get to a better mental state where I was able to analyse and help myself grow for better. As challenging as it was at times Dalma continued to persevere in helping me look at alternative perspectives. The environment where she holds sessions are comfortable, homely and make you feel as if you’re in your own space. Overall my experience was extremely beneficial and I’d highly recommend her to others."
  • Ann (37) "I had been seeing Dalma for weekly sessions for a year. During this time she allowed me to safely explore many feelings and emotions that I had kept suppressed for years. I felt safe and truly heard. On completion of our work together I now feel even more validated and empowered to live a fuller life. I cannot thank her enough."
  • Danielle (38) "I had bereavement therapy with Dalma after losing my beloved partner. The therapy had saved my life and out Tuesday sessions were a life-line to me. I had to relearn how to live in this strange new world. Dalma was there for me every step of the way. This was the toughest ‘mind and soul physio’ I ever had to do and never imagined at the beginning that I would make it through… and I did it! We did it! – with Dalma’s guidance and faith in me. The benefits of our work still keep on giving long after our therapy sessions ended."


Why Therapy?

We all go through crisis and difficult periods at some points in our lives. This is a fact of life which we cannot control but we can choose to deal with our problems or ignore them. Indeed, we can pretend all is fine but that does not mean our issues disappeared. If left unchecked and unresolved, they carry on undermining the quality of our lives, in some cases bringing on depression or anxieties. They can also affect our physical health via addictions, eating disorders and psychosomatic illnesses.

Therapy can help us work through crisis and difficult times by taking the opportunity to examine our lives and as such grow and develop. However, therapy is not just about reducing immediate psychological pains but it can be a way to make our mental health stronger through self-knowledge. Exploring our inner world can bring much insight on how we really operate, our strengths and weaknesses, and can put us in contact with our innermost wisdom and understanding.

My Approach

I have trained as an integrative, humanistic counsellor which allows me to use different approaches and techniques depending on what is most suitable for you as an individual and the issues you are bringing into the session. One size does not fit all.. instead I tailor my therapy approach to what suits you.

My general approach towards my clients is a deep humanistic belief that we all have a strong, innate drive to realise our potentials by self-development. My role is to help you recognise your strengths and choices in the ‘here and now’.

Some stubborn patterns of behaviour and attitude can have roots in early experiences. For these deep seated issues I prefer to use a psychodynamic approach which aims at bringing the unconscious mind into consciousness. I also use Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to increase awareness of our thoughts, actions and feelings.

I am also inspired by logotherapy which is based on a pursuit of meaning in one’s life. My experience is that once one’s life purpose becomes clearer, light is shed on psychological difficulties and our priorities shift.

What’s Next?

An initial assessment session will enable you to see if you feel comfortable with me, explore your needs and issues, ask questions, clarify confidentiality, and assess if therapy could benefit you. Please click on Contact to arrange an introductory assessment session in NW7, North London.